Artificial Intelligence Experimentation, Prototyping & Design - Betaworks Webinar

On May 21st, Betaworks Studios hosted a live webinar where established technical leaders shared their experience in setting up and running AI projects. From designing and prototyping, challenges they have come across, and communicating results of experimentation.


Serkan Piantino is Co-founder and CEO of Spell. Previously he was Founder and Site Director of Facebook New York and Co-Founder of Facebook AI Research. During his 9 years at Facebook, he also designed and led the development of many of Facebook's products and infrastructure including News Feed, Edge Rank, Timeline, and Messenger.

Guy Dassa is the Senior Director of Engineering at Verizon Media Research (previously Yahoo Research). Previously to this he has been a Product & Engineering Leader at Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and the New York Times. He has extensive experience building and developing engineering and product teams, scaling technology, setting strategy and building culture.

Victor Essnert is the Technical Director at Doberman, a design firm delivering innovative products and experiences. Victor has spent over 15 yrs in building and managing product and technology teams. Prior to Doberman, Victor was the CTO and Product Director of ustwo, a digital product studio based out of London and New York.


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