Shared Jupyter Workspaces, Better Orgs Management, and SymLinked Resources

A lot of folks have been asking us for better ways to work with Jupyter and Spell. Today we’re launching our shared Jupyter workspaces feature with support for Jupyter Notebooks and JupyterLab.

Now you can easily create a Jupyter workspace backed by Spell’s GPUs or CPUs all in your browser. This also means that if you’re part of an organization, you can share your notebooks with team members.

Check out our docs for more on how to create your Jupyter notebook, or head to to try it for yourself.

Running style transfer in JupyterLab using our new shared Jupyter workspaces.

Ever since we launched organizations earlier this year, we’ve been working to make it easier for org members to add team members and share their work.

We’ve added the ability to bulk invite users to an organization so you can easily send out as many invites as you’d like (we recently saw an org send out over 400 in one go!).

Ever have a run output you use again and again, but keep forgetting the run id ? Now you can create symbolic links to any of your resources to easily rename them.

To do this, use the spell link command like this:

$ spell link new_name runs/123

Now you can mount the resource like this:

$ spell run -m new_name

You’ll also see your symlink appear on your resources page and in spell ls

We’ve got a lot more exciting features in the works that we’ll be announcing soon.

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