Spell Joins the AI Infrastructure Alliance as a Core Member

Spell is thrilled to announce our induction as a core member of the AI Infrastructure Alliance, a non-profit consortium of leading startups defining the future building blocks of AI and machine learning. We join a global cohort of 30+ cutting-edge peers in the fields of data science, AI, and ML working collectively to create a Canonical Stack, establish enterprise best practices, and foster a collaborative environment in the AI/ ML space. 

Why Build a Canonical Stack?

The inception of an AI and MLOps Canonical Stack is a compelling need — the AI/MLOps landscape currently lacks a standardized set of tools and solutions; overrun by cloud lock-in solutions that only benefit individual enterprises. As such, data scientists and engineers are rendered incapable of effectively sharing their work and collaborating around the globe, stuck in this lock-in instead of doing their most important work: building the AI applications of the future. 

Through a set open framework and shared research, AI Infrastructure Alliance partnerships will enable the creation of a Canonical Stack to help developers break out of this lock-in. As “canonical” is defined as “a set of rules, standards, and principles by which something is judged,” a Canonical Stack (CS) for AI will establish the foundation for future software to be built on, through outlining rigorous engineering standards, clean API’s, and creating the seamless integration points between various layers of the AI infrastructure ecosystem.

As growth in AI investments increases parallel to the growing sentiment that AI adoption is no longer a “want,” but a “need” for organizations to scale (by 2024, the IDC expects businesses to invest $110 billion in AI systems), the Canonical Stack will enable organizations to truly reap the benefits of their investments — unlocking the potential for how different components of a complete enterprise machine learning stack can and should operate. 

What does Spell bring to the Alliance?

Spell understands that partnership and collaboration in the AI space will be integral to creating a better experience for all ML practitioners. We’re excited to bring our platform to this alliance— a powerful enterprise-grade tool offering users a streamlined, highly collaborative way to operationalize machine learning projects and manage model lineage. Our intuitive UI and thoughtfully-designed features remove unnecessary friction in the MLOps workflow so users can focus on building their models and getting them to production faster. Spell has always been dedicated to integrating seamlessly with other best-in-class resources, (see our collaboration with fellow Core Member, Arize, here) and we’re proud to be taking this next step towards enabling impactful AI as a member of the AI Infrastructure Alliance.

To learn more about the AI Infrastructure Alliance and its partners, the mission statement, or becoming a partner, visit https://ai-infrastructure.org/.

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