Sales Development Representative

New York

About the Role 

Spell provides MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) software for Deep Learning, what we call, “DLOps”.  The software enables orchestrating, automating, and managing the development and deployment of deep learning models for NLP (Natural Language Processing), Machine Vision, Voice Recognition and Synthesis, and other types of deep learning.  Our users include commercial enterprises, government agencies, AI-forward startups, researchers, solo practitioners, and students.

At Spell, we're looking to empower collaboration and remove barriers to entry when it comes to developing deep learning and AI-powered applications. By replacing dev-ops clutter with a clean and powerful UX, we strive to both increase the speed at which developers can iterate as well as facilitate growth within the deep learning field as a whole.

The Sales Development Representative will be a trusted advisor in business strategy, helping to ensure Spell is targeting the right audience, pricing its products in an optimal way, and generally aiding with creating a robust and scalable business out of the Spell platform. They’ll work directly with the executive team to:

• Perform market analyses, using a wide variety of data sources and models to inform decisions.

• Originate and evaluate potential partnerships.


The Team 

Spell is a nimble, well-funded, fast-growing startup with an inclusive, collaborative culture that places a high priority on creativity, adaptability, initiative, and teamwork.  To be most effective, the  Marketing Manager must be inquisitive, communicative, and supportive. The Marketing Manager is currently an individual contributor role, but as Spell continues to grow, the role can expand to include team leadership responsibilities for creative operations

As an organization, collaboration is key to our success and extends beyond the engineering team. We deeply value the problem-solving that arises from having a diverse set of voices that know both how to share and how to listen. We build trust in each other by being eager to help and reliable when called upon. And we keep a strong culture of mentorship and knowledge-sharing so that we can grow collectively as a team.


The Deliverables

• Within the first month, the SDR has developed a deep understanding of Spell’s product and value. They will be an expert on the Machine Learning as a Software landscape and stay up-to-date with new products/services and new pricing/payment plans.

• Within the second month, the SDR will prospect, develop, and qualify leads. They will seek new business opportunities through email, direct-outreach, and social media campaigns. They’ll set meetings and provide internal support to the sales process.

• Within the third month, they will become a trusted resource and are involved and adding value to product, customer experience, and strategy conversations.

Our Ideal Candidate 

• Degree in Business or a closely-related field, or equivalent experience.

• Experience working in a business and advisory role for a small, technical company.

• A firm grasp of enterprise software business models, and familiarity with a number of successful companies in this space.

• Versatile quantitative skills, and experience modeling a wide variety of types of problems

• Comfortable working independently and with a deep understanding of company and project goals.

• Superior communication, organization and presentation skills.

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