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AlphaSense is a fast-growing AI company delivering critical business intel and analysis through their market intelligence search engine. Using natural language processing and deep learning, AlphaSense enables seamless searchability through the content in thousands of rich text documents, including top-tier business and trade publications, SEC and global filings, broker research, and transcripts of earning and performance calls.

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AlphaSense is a global company with offices throughout the US, EMEA, and India. As a rapidly growing business, their teams found that the needs of their expanding client base were quickly outgrowing the capabilities of their existing machine learning tools and infrastructure. Yet, developing their own infrastructure and building coordinated GPU machines would have required significant time and resources, and taken engineers away from their primary purpose of developing AlphaSense’s core product. In order to continue supporting their clientele, AlphaSense had to find a way to quickly increase their ability to run experiments in parallel and optimize hyperparameters.

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The significantly increased efficiency Alphasense now leverages everyday using Spell’s high-powered machine cloud platform is a tenfold improvement from previous operations.

With a web console, sharing live Jupyter Workspaces, duplicating workspaces, and even exporting workspaces to a Python script is fast and intuitive. Spell’s command-line tools are enabling AlphaSense to easily transition from prototyping in a Jupyter Notebook to launching dozens of experiments on cloud GPUs in parallel. The impact of choosing Spell as their out-of-the-box platform won back crucial time and resources for Alphasense, and enables their ability to continue to bring vital business intel to their clients.

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