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Machine Learning For Everyone

Spell’s infrastructure and tools allow anyone to prepare, train, deploy, and manage machine learning projects.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Access CPU or GPU machine types and frameworks without investing personal resources for infrastructure management and maintenance. Get started on Machine Learning projects faster with a readymade solution.

Get Started Quickly

Get Started Quickly

User friendly interface and web console allow for a smooth workflow. Use simple command line tools on a Machine Learning environment that processes information efficiently and requires low overhead and no maintenance.

Fast Results

Fast Results

Run experiments on the necessary computing power for peak performance and accelerate result analysis. Models and experiments run quickly. Low cost and fast results.

Focus on Experiments

Spell removes the time it takes to set up and manage machine learning infrastructure. Use pre-built environments with the most popular ML tools and libraries to deploy in seconds.

Jupyter Notebooks

GPU-powered Jupyter Workspaces

Get to work on collaborative GPU-powered Jupyter Workspaces. Instantly spin up notebooks up for data preparation, cleaning, transformation, and experimentation.

Simple Command Line

Run code, software, and binaries with the Spell CLI. Simply type ‘spell run’ in front of commands to get started. Seamless movement from writing code to deploying models.

Open Frameworks

Access the framework of your choice instantly. Spell supports the best machine learning and deep learning frameworks: Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe, FastAI, and more.

Community Support

Connect with a growing community of data scientists and developers. Network, learn, and share tutorials, industry insights, and best practices in machine learning.

GPU-powered Jupyter Workspaces

Run experiments on the best CPU or GPU machine types and frameworks without investing time and money into infrastructure and management. The Spell platform is intuitive, uses simple command line tools, and accessible through a web console.

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Ana Lopez, ML Engineer at Omdena

I had the opportunity to work with Spell on a challenge for Omdena to preprocessing our datasets. This was a great experience because on my laptop this process took many hours while on Spell it was much faster and my laptop didn't freeze. Additionally, Spell had logs where I can monitor my process, kill the run if it is necessary, and I can see how long the run is so I can monitor performance in my code.

A Platform For Everyone

Spell is a collaborative platform that lets anyone run machine learning experiments.


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