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Spell is a secure and robust platform, built to accelerate machine learning pipelines in the enterprise.

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Accelerate Business Impact

Spell accelerates machine learning by reducing the steps and time it takes to setup and manage machine learning projects, giving you more time to focus on experimentation and creating business value. 

Deployment Flexibility

Deployment Flexibility

Spell can be deployed and run in your private cloud. We also offer on-premise deployment with all orchestration and metadata handled with a private installation.

Built to Scale

Built to Scale

Easily onboard and see your whole team’s world and progress in one dashboard. View active runs, compare experiments, and see long-term results in our web console.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Premium one-on-one support with an account manager. Spell provides the services necessary for you to be successful in machine learning endeavors. Full service training and implementation.

Focus on Business Value

Spell allows teams and business units to focus on getting to results faster.

Governance and Security

Spell integrates with Single sign-on systems, internal data stores, and governance systems. Spell provides secure user management.

Real-Time Support

White glove service that features and one-on-one premium support. A private Slack channel for real-time access to support from Spell.

Priority Requests

We are constantly iterating on Spell and we prioritize Enterprise client needs. All product feature requests are sent directly to our Product team.

Automate the MLOps Lifecycle

Take control of your projects from start to finish. Our Workflow API and Metrics API allow you to automate key stages in your ML pipeline. Create charts to track the performance of your code.

Governance and Security

Single Sign-On network compatibility for secure user management. Integrate with internal data store and data governance tools.

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Ana Lopez, ML Engineer at Omdena

I had the opportunity to work with Spell on a challenge for Omdena to preprocessing our datasets. This was a great experience because on my laptop this process took many hours while on Spell it was much faster and my laptop didn't freeze. Additionally, Spell had logs where I can monitor my process, kill the run if it is necessary, and I can see how long the run is so I can monitor performance in my code.

A Platform For Everyone

Spell is a collaborative platform that lets anyone run machine learning experiments.

Learn Spell

Learn Spell

Get started with machine learning with our collection of hands-on beginner tutorials and videos.


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Find information on getting started with Spell, core concepts, troubleshooting your runs, and more.

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