Leverage the power of Graphcore’s Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) designed to enable the next breakthroughs in machine intelligence, in the cloud and directly orchestrated from the Spell Platform

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Graphcore Cloud Meets MLOps

The Graphcore + Spell partnership offers state-of-the-art AI hardware acceleration with a simple, streamlined MLOps user experience accessible from the cloud.

Train models immediately with no on-premise hardware, and no upfront cost. Try now with a 6-hour free trial.

Powered by Next Generation AI Compute

Leverage the performance of Graphcore’s Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) designed to accelerate machine intelligence. The IPU is a new kind of massively parallel processor with groundbreaking advances in compute, communications and memory.

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Simplified Deep-Learning Performance at Scale

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Best for NLP & Computer Vision

Accelerate training and inference models with high-performance optimisations across natural language processing, computer vision and more.

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IPU-POD Systems for AI Exploration

Ideal for exploration, the IPU-POD₁₆ gives you all the power, performance and flexibility you need to fast track your IPU prototypes and speed from pilot to production.

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Poplar Software for ML Workloads

Co-designed with the IPU for AI application development and fully integrated with popular ML frameworks so developers can easily port existing models.

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Instant Remote Code Execution 

Build models in your local IDE or Jupyter notebook, and execute runs on an automatically configured IPU-POD₁₆ systems all within the command line.

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Intelligent Cluster Management

Automate IPU resource allocation among multiple concurrent users, orchestrated through the Spell machine scheduler.

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Monitor and Automate

Monitor and stream training, usage, and performance metrics through a central control pane within and across all runs. Customize individual user metrics through an extensible Python API.

Learn More About Our Offering

Interested in leveraging Spell or Graphcore IPUs for your business? Reach out directly to our engineering team for more information or a demo.

GitHub Example Models

Visit our GitHub repository for tutorials and application examples ready to be trained out-of-the-box on an IPU with popular ML frameworks.

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