Spell vs Single-Cloud MLOps

AI Freedom or Cloud Vendor Lock-in

Comprehensive MLOps solutions can raise the efficiency, reliability, and ROI of production Deep Learning and ML applications. The cloud MLOps journey starts with a choice between solutions from cloud providers and multi-cloud innovators, like Spell. Users must choose their solution wisely; the best cloud for today’s workloads may not be best for tomorrow’s. 

Cloud providers are in the business of selling compute resources, and for them MLOps is just a powerful customer lock-in. Each cloud vendor offers a growing assortment of tools for building and deploying AI solutions on their cloud, and only on their cloud. As their competitors offer lower compute cost, unique new features, or more innovative infrastructure, they know that their customers will find the switching cost in resources and time prohibitively high. And cloud vendors largely ignore the MLOps needs of managers and business stakeholders because they don’t drive compute utilization revenue.

Spell’s business is delivering cutting-edge, multi-cloud MLOps solutions for easier model development, deployment and management, lower compute cost, and freedom to choose the cloud that is best for each model workload, now and in the future.

Spell serves practitioners with a sleek, intuitive user experience that automates tedious tasks, simplifies model training, and enhances collaboration. Spell also provides managers with flexible, detailed process and resource tracking and reporting. And Spell gives business stakeholders dramatically lower compute costs and faster time to value.