Meet the Leadership Team

Serkan Piantino headshot

Serkan Piantino


Serkan Piantino is an entrepreneur and technology leader based in NYC. Before founding Spell, he was Founder and Site Director of Facebook New York and Co-Founder of Facebook AI Research. During his 9 years at Facebook, he designed and led the development of many of Facebook's products and infrastructure including News Feed, Edge Rank, Timeline, and Messenger.

Serkan is an active advocate for the technology industry in New York City, previously on Mayor Bloomberg's Council on Technology and Innovation, and currently on the boards of Tech:NYC and AFSE. Serkan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Trey Lawrence headshot

Trey Lawrence


Trey Lawrence has a decade of experience as a technical engineering leader across a diverse set of disciplines. He got his start in hardware— designing silicon chips, PCBs, and firmware— but his recognition of the potential of machine learning soon inspired a pivot. After successfully building recommendation systems in e-commerce at eBay and Spring, he delved further into deep learning, eventually working to build an image classification API and reverse image search engine at Clarifai. Trey holds a B.S. in both Computer Engineering and Physics from Georgia Tech.

Samantha Bosshard headshot

Samantha Bosshard


Sam is a creative professional with over 10 years of expertise designing thoughtful experiences. She draws on her background across a breadth of mediums including web, mobile, print, and television to build user experiences that enable tech companies to innovate and evolve in the marketplace. Through her practice, she centers empathy, inspires interaction, and constructs distinctly fresh visual narratives. Prior to leading design at Spell, Sam was a Design Director at Foursquare.

Kevin Jiang headshot

Kevin Jiang

Technical Product Manager

Kevin is a product and business strategy professional, and currently technical product manager for the Spell platform. Before Spell, he worked on and led a variety of strategy projects at McKinsey & Company specializing in high-tech clients; he previously had a mix of experience in data science, economic consulting, and law. Beyond MLOps, Kevin’s core technology interests include applied ML/DL for vision, mobile development, and digital fabrication.

Tim Negris headshot

Tim Negris

Head of Marketing

Tim has enjoyed a long marketing career in large scale database, analytics, and AI technologies, starting as the very first SQL Server product manager, and later serving as Oracle VP of Server Marketing, IBM VP of Software Sales and Marketing, CEO of publicly traded Omnis Software, and leading marketing in numerous advanced technology startups.  He is passionate about helping people understand and embrace the next-gen software that can make the biggest difference in their businesses and lives.  He’s written hundreds of articles about advanced technologies, was a guest lecturer at Stanford University, and is probably best known as the father of the “thin client”.

Sydney Gillette picture

Sydney Gillette

BD Lead

Sydney Gillette is the Business Development Lead at Spell. She began her career at, where she helped craft the team's online presence as the inaugural Social Media coordinator. Eventually, she joined the sales team as an SDR and left an AE. Outside of work, Sydney likes to spend her time people-watching in Brooklyn, trying new restaurants, going to MNDFL, and taking walks around the neighborhood.

Noah Robbins picture

Noah Robbins


Noah is a founding member and Chief of Staff at Spell, where he oversees operations including recruiting, culture, and day-to-day office management. Before Spell, Noah worked at Facebook-NY, running operations for FAIR and Engineering Culture such as organizing local hackathons. Noah is interested in the societal advancement that comes from technologies like Spell. In his free time, he enjoys venturing around the city on his bike, petting cats & dogs, and listening to live music.