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Spell Enterprise Plan

What you can do with this plan

This plan is for large enterprises, non-profit organizations, public sector agencies, and systems integrators seeking to accelerate their deep learning journey with faster modeling, richer governance, and more flexible, reliable deployment.

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Transparent integration of AI pipelines with IT infrastructure and security

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Train and deploy on in-house HPC, or public, private, and hybrid clouds

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Provide corporate visibility for resource utilization and cloud compute cost

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Build custom dashboards for model performance and operation monitoring

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Orchestrate and automate complex deep learning workflows

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Integrate custom and 3rd party applications and tools through Spell APIs

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Use Teams plan capabilities across multiple teams

Spell resources available for Enterprise plan users

The Spell Enterprise plan provides large organizations with complete access to all platform features and extensive consultative services to standardize, institutionalize, and optimize deep learning at scale, leverage existing skills, tools, and infrastructure.


Tailored to customer’s PoC, use case, and infrastructure

Infrastructure Planning

Enterprise compute, data, security, and cloud integration

PoC Consulting

Planning, supervision, and evaluation

3rd Party Software Integration

Tools, applications, and cloud services

Feature Engineering

Custom platform extensions

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