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Spell Teams Plan | $329 per user per month

What you can do with this plan

This plan is for AI teams, including AI startups, corporate R&D labs, and other collaborative teams developing and deploying deep learning applications on the customer’s AWS, GCP, or Azure cloud.

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Use all available GPUs for model training and serving, with minimal DevOps support

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Enable secure, auditable, transparent deep learning workflows for production models

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Build and train large models requiring distributed training and complex orchestration

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Track, manage, document, and report all aspects of collaborative experimentation

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Transparent model version roll-back for automated retraining and optimization

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Configure and serve production models for robust, scalable deployment

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Capture complete model lineage for reproducibility, governance, and accounting

Spell resources available to Team Plan users

Customer Cloud Deployment

Spell integrates and deploys infrastructural setup within an existing cloud account, creating a brand new VPC to contain all compute usage, ensuring maximum security and integration.

Collaboration Features 

Multi-user experiment management, including project organization, experiments  comparison, metrics tracking, and more.

Model Registry and Serving

Serve trained models on endpoints back by a managed Kubernetes cluster, and integrated with Grafana monitoring.

Private Spell Slack Channel

Continuously-monitored hotline to Spell engineering for project help, guidance, and review

Tech Blog

Access to numerous in-depth articles and tutorials on AI infrastructure, model performance management and analysis, and more

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The Spell Developer plan provides AI teams with everything they need to develop, train, deploy, manage, and track deep learning models in a production environment for AI startups and enterprises

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