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Spell is a secure and innovative platform built to accelerate machine learning operations in the Public Sector.


Awarded SBIR Contract

Spell was awarded the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contract for J20.1-CS01 Phase I. The SBIR program is a highly competitive program that allows Spell to engage in Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) initiatives with government agencies. Spell gives government agencies a powerful, streamlined tool to accelerate their agency’s mission.

Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Manage all machine learning operations within a single streamlined interface. An intuitive platform that government agencies can be onboarded on in minutes.

Monitor and Oversight

Monitor and Oversight

Track the progress of the different machine learning programs within your government agencies. Provide oversight of machine learning operations ensuring they stay in compliance with laws and regulations.

Governance and Data Security 

Governance and Data Security 

Single Sign-On network compatibility for secure user management. Integrate with government agencies internal data stores and data governance tools.

Public Sector Use Cases

Machine Learning is already helping government agencies across several areas, use cases include:

Public Health and Safety

Predict and deliver on the needs of communities more effectively by analyzing demographics, health statistics, claims, and other public data sets at scale.

Fraud Detection

Proactively detect and prevent fraud and improper payments across your government agencies. Develop predictive models that identify potential threats and help reduce false positives with real-time analytics at scale.

Predictive Maintenance

Automate the detection of potential equipment failures within departments, and provide recommended actions to take. Predictive models can reduce costs and wear and tear on equipment.

Stronger National Security

Analyze large volumes of geospatial, intel, and other data sources to identify risk patterns and respond to threats with greater confidence and speed.

Automate Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Our Workflow API and Metrics API allow you to create efficiencies by automating key stages in your ML pipeline. With Spell, you can automate the MLOps lifecycle by creating custom pipelines to run experiments using a simple Workflows Python API.

Dedicated Team

Premium one-on-one support with an account manager. Spell provides the services necessary for you to be successful in machine learning endeavors. Full-service training and implementation.

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Ana Lopez, ML Engineer at Omdena

I had the opportunity to work with Spell on a challenge for Omdena to preprocessing our datasets. This was a great experience because on my laptop this process took many hours while on Spell it was much faster and my laptop didn't freeze. Additionally, Spell had logs where I can monitor my process, kill the run if it is necessary, and I can see how long the run is so I can monitor performance in my code.

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Spell is a collaborative platform that lets anyone run machine learning experiments.


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