MLOps for Deep Learning

Operationalizing AI for NLP, Computer Vision, and Speech Recognition has never been easier

Deep Learning Is Different from Traditional Machine Learning

The Data, Skills, Workflow, And Software Engineering Are Different, Too

Tracking hundreds of experiments with thousands of parameters; configuring complex, costly cloud compute infrastructure; and deploying traceable, reproducible models into production all require an end-to-end platform for managing the entire model lifecycle in a detailed, integrated, and consistent way.

But until now, the MLOps solution for deep learning was a DIY toolchain.

Spell Is the First Comprehensive MLOps Platform for Deep Learning

Built to meet the unique needs of deep learning engineers, managers, and stakeholders for scalable development, deployment, and infrastructure - on premises, and in public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Model Lineage

Unlike the DIY toolchain, Spell captures a complete, persistent record of the model lifespan, from experiment to deployment, including training data, experiment parameters and results, deployment location, performance, retraining results, and more. The Spell Model Lineage enables richer model explainability, reproducibility, governance, and regulatory compliance.

model lineage infographic

Infrastructure Automation

The ad hoc toolchain comes with a lot of manual tuning, tweaking, and coding to support the end-to-end deep learning workflow. Spell streamlines the entire process with advanced automation, saving time and money, and avoiding errors in building and deploying models.

Extensible Platform

The Spell platform is comprehensive and extensible through APIs that make it easy to integrate preferred 3rd party tools for managing experiments in development and monitoring models in deployment.

Spell Is DLOps

Spell is the easiest, most affordable way to rapidly operationalize AI at scale for NLP, Computer Vision, Voice Recognition, and other types of deep learning.

Solutions By Role

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Easily maneuver through the ML pipeline with a powerful MLOps platform that facilitates productivity and collaboration.

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Take charge of oversight and accountability with an MLOps platform that empowers your engineers to do their best—and most important — work.

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Accelerate your team's business impact with complete control and management of your MLOps. From prototype to production, Spell helps enterprises reduce time to value and increase ROI.

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Manage Deep Learning Like a Wizard!

Spell is the product of lessons learned in our founders’ successes leading the development of deep learning management tools and infrastructure at Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Ebay, and machine vision leader, Clarifai.

Spell was founded to bring state-of-the-art deep learning MLOps to the masses, through an affordable solution for AI startups, enterprises, and service providers of all sizes, and through free access for students and individual practitioners through the Spell Community.